Integrated Partners

  • DesktopShipper Cloud

    The DesktopShipper Cloud mission is to deliver high quality, flexible shipping software solutions to online retailers and fulfillment companies, providing maximum efficiency and long-term savings.

  • EasyPost

    EasyPost provides modern shipping APIs to help companies streamline operations, save money, and improve the customer experience. EasyPost’s Shipping API is the most flexible shipping solution on the market. Our RESTful API interface makes it easy for your developers to get EasyPost up and running as fast as possible.

  • Endicia

    With over 25 years of leadership in electronic postage software solutions, Endicia is dedicated to making mailing and shipping easier, faster, and more efficient – so you can focus on your business.

  • MetaPack

    As a leader in offering shipping software for any size shipper, MetaPack’s vision is to change the way companies of all sizes do business by delivering the market’s leading integrated platform of transportation management solutions and services.

  • ProShip

    ProShip, Inc., a Neopost company, is a global provider of enterprise, multi-carrier shipping and manifesting software solutions. Installed at customer sites around the world, ProShip has the most carrier-compliant services in the industry, integrates seamlessly with host systems and a unified shipping process for mid-to-high-volume small parcel shipments.

  • RetailOps

    The Ultimate Tools for Retail.  Comprehensive Cloud-Based Operations and Fulfillment platform built for growing multi-channel retailers:  Purchasing, Product Management, Photography, Marketplace Integrations, Distributed Order Management, Warehouse Management and more! Move Product Faster, Leverage your Data, Scale with Confidence. Increase accuracy, decrease cost.

  • ShipHero

    ShipHero is a holistic WMS that helps manage your warehouse inventory, picking, packing, shipping and returns operations in real-time starting at $199. Completely removing the need for paper pick tickets, ShipHero uses iPads and iPhones and Socket Scanners to allow our customers to achieve a 99.9% picking accuracy rate.

  • Shipping Easy

    ShippingEasy provides the easiest shipping app for online sellers. Its cloud-based shipping solution integrates with leading marketplaces, shopping carts and platforms to allow order, tracking and fulfillment data to populate in real time across all systems.

  • Shippo

    Shippo is the leading API and web app for shipping that empowers platforms, marketplaces, warehouses and e-commerce stores with the building blocks they need to succeed. We process millions of shipments every month for over 25,000 businesses. With instant access to multiple shipping carriers for real-time rates, label creation, automated international paperwork, package tracking, and facilitating returns, companies around the world trust Shippo to power their shipping.

  • ShipStation

    Does it feel like you spend all your time fulfilling and shipping your orders rather than running your business? ShipStation can help! We automatically import your orders from wherever you sell and help you create labels for however you ship, including Globegistics!

  • Simple Global

    Are you set up to scale globally?

    We offer the ultimate fulfillment solution for online sellers that integrates logistics, customer service, and software into a seamless experience.  Since we operate our own facilities, design our own software, and employ customer service superstars, we have the infrastructure to support your growth.  Let’s go global!

  • Skubana

    Skubana is the leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that enables multi-channel brands and retailers to unify their back office operations. Skubana serves as your operational nervous system, providing a centralized platform to handle inventory and order management, fulfillment and purchasing. With features like an open API, automated purchase order recommendations, advanced order orchestration rules, and analytics, Skubana empowers e-commerce brands to improve their operational efficiency and make smarter business decisions.

  • XPS Ships

    XPSship is a multi-carrier, omni-channel shipping software, primarily used by small-to-mid-sized companies. XPS supports all of Globegistics shipping services and live customer service.   XPS shipping software has no user fees, regardless of the number of integrations being utilized, number of users, or shipment volume.  Click to view a video on how to simply integrate XPS with Globegistics.

Strategic Partners

  • CardConnect

    CardConnect is an innovative and rapidly growing payments technology company. Trusted by more than 50,000 businesses, CardConnect makes payment acceptance simple, integrated and secure.

    Click here to find out how you can save money on credit card processing fees.

  • U-PIC Shipping Insurance

    Shipping insurance with U-PIC covers damage, loss, and shortages shipped with any carrier worldwide. With rates up to 85% less and reimbursement for the total replacement cost + the shipping cost, U-Pic is the clear choice for your shipping insurance needs.

    U-PIC has partnered with Globegistics to provide the best international shipping experience.  Click here for more information.

  • USPS

    As a Postal Qualified Wholesaler, Globegistics works closely with the USPS to help businesses with global mailing and shipping preparation, and transportation of mail, parcels and publications to destinations outside the United States.


  • IMAG

    IMAG’s core mission is to address barriers to the efficient flow of information and goods across borders for companies utilizing postal services. Globegistics VP Postal Affairs, Tom Foley is Chairman of IMAG and has been a member since 1997.